Jan 26, 2010

Help needed as I prepare for Marseille

Hello friends & family. I need your help. Many of you know I'm preparing to move to Marseille France as part of a church plant. Part of my preparation is learning French. I am taking French 101 at a local community college & don't have the needed money for my books & tuition. The books are much more expensive than anticipated ($215). My total need for books, tuition & parking is $398. I need the books before my next class on Thursday, so I am going to buy them now in faith that God will meet my needs. The balance of $183 isn't due until 02/02. If you would like to help me prepare for my move to France, please click on the piggy bank donation link on the right side of my page where you can donate online. Thank you so much for your prayers & support! It means the world to me...

In Christ,
Clint James

"On earth as is it in heaven"
~Jesus Christ


Clint James said...

HAHAHA! Thank you JESUS!!! I posted yesterday that I needed $398 to
cover my tuition, fees & books for the French class I am taking to
prepare for my move to Marseille France to start a church. I received
a completely unexpected check in the mail today from my previous
employer for $275! God is SOOO GOOD! That will cove...r my books,
parking & some of my tuition! I am still in need of $123 to cover
the rest of my fees. If you would like to help with this, please click on the donate button on my blog's sidebar. Thank you all SO much
for your prayer & support! God will make a way where there seems
to be no way!

Clint James said...

Jesus has come through again! Through donations, I have received the money needed to completely pay for my books, tuition & other fees for my French class! THANK YOU JESUS (and donors)! He is so faithful!