Blue Like Jazz The Movie

Have you read Donald Miller's book "Blue Like Jazz"? Yeah, me too. A few times. It had a profound impact on my spiritual life. The first time I read it, I was in a spiritual rut. I'd been walking with God for several years & was caught in the mundane. BLJ helped me steer out of that rut. Well, now Donald's book has been adapted for the silver screen. It's set to release on April 13th, the day before my birthday. If you haven't already read the book, buy it here & read it. When you're done with that, click here to learn when & where you can see the movie. I CAN'T WAIT! Fortunately, I won't have to wait long. I've got tickets to a special screening on March 21st that Donald will be attending. Needless to say, I am VERY excited. Enjoy your reading! Oh, and here's a sneak peek: Trailer
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Jan 26, 2010

Help needed as I prepare for Marseille

Hello friends & family. I need your help. Many of you know I'm preparing to move to Marseille France as part of a church plant. Part of my preparation is learning French. I am taking French 101 at a local community college & don't have the needed money for my books & tuition. The books are much more expensive than anticipated ($215). My total need for books, tuition & parking is $398. I need the books before my next class on Thursday, so I am going to buy them now in faith that God will meet my needs. The balance of $183 isn't due until 02/02. If you would like to help me prepare for my move to France, please click on the piggy bank donation link on the right side of my page where you can donate online. Thank you so much for your prayers & support! It means the world to me...

In Christ,
Clint James

"On earth as is it in heaven"
~Jesus Christ
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Jan 16, 2010

God is preparing a way for me!

I am in the process of building a team of prayer partners who will commit to regular prayer for me as I raise my support & prepare to move to Marseille, France.  It’s very embryonic in its development, but I’m working on it none the less.  As I have been considering how I want to approach putting this team together, God has supernaturally brought people to me who want to partner with me.  It’s been awesome & I wanted to share a couple of the stories. 

My first story started A few weeks ago when I was in Kansas City to visit family & attend IHOP’s Onething ‘09 conference.  It was an amazing time of worship & breakthrough with over 20,000 people in attendance.  It’s hard to describe how powerful 4 days of prayer, worship & ministry with 20,000 of God’s people is.  So, as I’m leaving the convention center late one evening to return home I begin a casual conversation with a man & three of his children as we walk out into the cold, snowy night.  It comes up that I am believing God to move to Marseille to help start a church.  The gentleman (his name is Tim) is floored.  He has committed to praying for what he calls the “Med Seven” everyday.  He has 7 Mediterranean cities that God has put on his heart that he dedicates a different day of the week to pray for.  He prays specifically for Marseille, France every Wednesday!  He was so excited to meet me & now be able to put a face & specific purpose to his time in prayer each week as he cries out to God for Marseille.  It seemed like such a random encounter at first, but was quickly recognized as a divine appointment.  God knows my need for an abundance of prayer in this season & brought an entire family along side me on a street corner in Kansas City to stand with me.  I was so encouraged after meeting Tim, Darla & their children.  I spoke with them at the conference a number of times after meeting them that first night.  This past Wednesday I received an e-mail from Tim.  I was so encouraged & humbled by his words.  He had the word of the Lord for me & it met me right where I needed it.  Tim’s family is the first (of many to come) that has been added to my prayer team & God is already using them in a profound way to encourage & challenge me.  Over 20,000 people in that convention center & Jesus brings Tim’s family to my side to stand with me in this season.  Thank you Jesus!

This next story happened just this morning at the Decree Conference here in San Diego.  I’m still soaking it in…  First off, this conference has been Uh-Maze-Ing!  God has blown my mind these past two days.  He is moving in such powerful ways all around the world through ordinary people with extraordinary boldness.  The stories & testimonies I have heard these past two days will be ringing in my ears for the rest of my life.  People just like you & I are seeing Jesus move in & through them in the most supernatural ways imaginable.  The only reason God is using these people is because they are available & willing to step out when He asks them to.  If we will make ourselves available when He speaks (and He is speaking ALL THE TIME!) He will use us to move mountains!  Anyway, back to my story.  So, this morning I’m standing up near the stage talking with a few people before worship begins & a woman walks up and stands next to us.  I assumed she was waiting to speak to one of my friends because I didn’t know her.  When we were done speaking, the woman (her name is Vickie) turned to me & told me that she had had a dream the night before & it was about me.  If you know me, I’m pretty easy to recognize (usually the best looking guy in the room).  She said she was stunned when she walked into the meeting this morning & saw me standing right up front under the spot light.  She immediately recognized me from her dream.  She proceeded to tell me that God told her in her dream that she was to intercede for me.  She woke up immediately & began to pray.  She said that she felt God told her that I was in a season of great change & transition and would need her standing with me to overcome the obstacles in my path.  I then told her about my hopes to plant a church in Marseille & the difficulties that are ahead of me in getting there.  She laid hands on me there at the front of the room and prayed over me & encouraged me with a word from the Lord.  She will continue to stand with me in prayer throughout this next season.

It was prophesied over me a couple of years ago that God already had people I didn’t even know praying for me & the things that He has ahead for me.  I didn’t know what that really meant at the time, but it sure makes sense now & I’m seeing it in action.  I am so excited about what God is doing in my life!  With all that stands between me & Marseille, I feel like I’m standing at the bottom of Mt. Everest looking straight up, unable to see the peak of the mountain.  The hurdles I face seem insurmountable, but God continues to remind me that He is going out before me to clear a path, to make my way straight.  Thank You, thank You, thank You, Papa for Your good gifts of grace & mercy!

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