Dec 18, 2009

And so it begins... sort of.

Praise the Lord! I got my first ministry gift today & I haven't even started raising support! A co-worker heard my plans to move to Marseille to plant a church & he emptied his wallet to me. He hadn't been to the ATM, so I didn't get rich, but it was such a huge blessing. I felt like God wanted to show me that He was already moving on peoples hearts on my behalf. As my last day at work approaches, fear has tried to creep in, tried to make me anxious about my future. I'm fighting it off, but it's always there tapping at my door. To quote a line from a friends poem, "Just breathe - it is only fear". That's what I've had to do. Just breathe & remind myself that God's purpose will be fulfilled for my life. The gift today was a gift of faith from God, a reminder that He is sovereign & will provide. Thank you Jesus!
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Dec 7, 2009

Very Disconcerting...

I'm a little concerned. In Blogger, there's a "Next Blog" button at the top of your page that is supposed to take you to a blog that you should find interesting because it is similar to your own blog in some way. Example: If your blog is on European travel, you should see other blogs on European travel.

I got THIS. Really?! What the heck? Is my blog that hokie? Am I Mister Rogers? I may never write again... I'm going to bed.
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Dec 6, 2009

Been M.I.A. For A Minute

It's been a little bit since my last post. Not much has changed really. I have two & a half weeks left at work and I've been really focusing on finishing strong. I have had a great time there & have a lot of favor with my co-workers & bosses. I want to leave there on great terms. I'm gonna miss it there. For those looking for a good company to work for, Solar Turbines is your place (when the economy turns around anyway).

I leave Solar on 12/23 then fly to Kansas City on 12/25 to spend a couple of weeks with my little bro & attend IHOP's Onething '09 Conference. I am super excited about that. It was such an amazing time of worship & teaching last year. I think it is going to be a great jump start for the things to come for me. I get back to San Diego on 01/05 & get to hit the ground running on my new adventure. The plan (as of 11:45PM on 12/06) is to attend Ministry Partnership Development (MPD) Training in Buffalo, NY in February and then start raising my support for Marseille, France. If all goes as planned, I will be going to Marseille in April for a week to scout out the land. Get this! I may be going there First Class for FREE! I have a co-worker who wants to bless me with a free buddy pass that his wife gets for working at Delta. He just wants to be a blessing to me. THAT IS HUGE!!! Thank you JESUS (and Sam)!!! It looks like I'll be spending most of my time doing MPD in San Diego.

I would REALLY like to have my funds raised by August 2010 so I can get to France ASAP, but hope it takes no longer than January 2011. Please stand with me in prayer (and if you wanna stand with me financially too, that'd be awesome!) & believe with me that God will open many doors & pour out His blessings on me in this coming season. I know God has amazing things planned for the city of Marseille & the entire nation of France (and North Africa). I know God is going to do great & mighty things in the hearts of the French. I am so grateful & amazed that He wants to use me in the process. I always felt this moment would come, it just didn't think it would be now. I always pictured myself as being 50+ for some reason. It seems sometimes like you wait & wait on the Lord & may think things are never going to change, then, like a mighty flood, God shows up & takes you on a white water adventure. This is all happening so fast, but feels so perfect & timely. God is ALWAYS on time! Well, it's midnight & I gotta work tomorrow, so I'm gonna have to say good night. Thank you all for your prayers & support! I love you!

In Christ,
~Clint James

“On earth as it is in heaven” ~Jesus Christ
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