Dec 18, 2009

And so it begins... sort of.

Praise the Lord! I got my first ministry gift today & I haven't even started raising support! A co-worker heard my plans to move to Marseille to plant a church & he emptied his wallet to me. He hadn't been to the ATM, so I didn't get rich, but it was such a huge blessing. I felt like God wanted to show me that He was already moving on peoples hearts on my behalf. As my last day at work approaches, fear has tried to creep in, tried to make me anxious about my future. I'm fighting it off, but it's always there tapping at my door. To quote a line from a friends poem, "Just breathe - it is only fear". That's what I've had to do. Just breathe & remind myself that God's purpose will be fulfilled for my life. The gift today was a gift of faith from God, a reminder that He is sovereign & will provide. Thank you Jesus!

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